Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy reading about these works I've authored for Chapman & Hall, CRC-Press.
Dr. Paul R. Garvey is Chief Scientist for the Center for Acquisition and Systems Analysis – a Division at The MITRE Corporation. He has thirty years of experience in the theory and application of risk-decision analytic methods to operations research problems in the system sciences domains.
He is an author of three textbooks Probability Methods for Cost Uncertainty Analysis, 2000, Analytical Methods for Risk Management, 2008, and Advanced Risk Analysis in Engineering Enterprise Systems, 2012, with C. Ariel Pinto of Old Dominion University. These works are published by Chapman-Hall/CRC-Press, Taylor & Francis Group.

Dr. Garvey has an A.B. and M.Sc. in pure and applied mathematics from Boston College and Northeastern University. He earned a Ph.D. in engineering management, with a concentration in systems risk analysis and decision theory, from Old Dominion University.
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